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THE ZOO RACE - A 3D animal zoo racing game for ages 9-99. - After laughing and teasing her friend Rueben about believing in the bible story of Noahs Ark, then Hannah the librarian has a dream about it. In her dream, her friends are re-shaped into animals and she herself changes into a racehorse and participates in the race Games of Celebration after the world flood. But, unknown to everyone, Noahs sons have created a lot of obstacles on the racetrack for the creatures. These obstacles on the racetrack slow down the participants and include hurdles, glass mazes, piranha fish, fire geysers, exploding barrels and balloons,earthquakes,stampedes, trampolines, bomber planes, rockets, cannons and so much more! Lets give them a real race, ha-ha! said Japeth. Yes and lets have lots of fun watching them! Ha-Ha! said Shem and Ham, so beware, because this race is so very different. Will you be able to find enough food to gain the energy needed to win? Can you survive amidst all the obstacles? Will you play each creatures specific strengths to the best of their abilities? Play the free shareware download and find out. Find the creature living inside of you. Play the game. NOW !

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